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Trade programs are witnessing high demand unlike other sectors of higher education, reflecting the growing interest in practical skills over traditional academic routes.

The article discusses the critical situation facing child care due to the drying up of emergency funding, highlighting the challenges and implications for families and providers alike.

Program Spotlight: Clean Slate Program
The Clean Slate program is part of the Nashville Area Chamber’s policy work with TN BLU-SkillSPAN. The program launched in January 2021 at Nashville State Community college and is designed to reengage students with a past due balance and move them to completion of a degree or credential. This program is funded by a grant from the Memorial Foundation, as current state law does not allow schools to forgive a past due balance.
This pilot hopes to show a positive return on investment of forgiving that balance. Currently, there are over 14,000 students at the college with a past due balance, and more than 8,500 have a balance below $500.
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